Social Event (Foods & Drinks)

Welcome reception with light meals on October 30, 2023 (Mon.)

Cheese & Wines with light meals on October 31, 2023 (Tue.)

Banquet on November 1, 2023 (Wed.)

Coffee break On October 31 AM, 2023 (Tue.) - November 2 AM, 2023 (Thu.)

Banquet on November 1, 2023 (Wed.)

Banquet contents: Enjoy the Special Program to Experience Kanazawa’s Traditional Dish and Culture


Cold dish

Seasonal salad
Pate de campagne
Smoked salmon and fruits
Chicken salad with mustard sauce

Japanese dish

Jibuni simmered duck
Hard tofu and broth
Blackthroat seaperch rice
Sliced ​​raw fish "Sashimi"

Corner dish

Noto beef roast beef with Japanese style sauce
Duck Soba Noodle Soup
Kanazawa Oden
Kaga vegetables tempura
Nigiri-Sushi by Sentorizushi

Hot dish

Seafood ajillo
Roasted potatoes and mushrooms with mustard fiavor
Poulet Teriyaki au "YUZU"
Pork cutlet milanaise
Braised beef rib and vegetable

Dessert dish

Recommended dessert
Glass dessert
Japanese tea

Kanazawa Subayashi
Kanazawa Suzubayashi is one of the traditional performing arts of Kaga Hyakuman-goku. The performance consists of musicians with taiko drums, o-daiko, small drums, and flutes in the front row, and singers and shamisen in the back. Known for its elegance, beauty, and high technical skills, it stands at the top level nationally, with a distinct regional character.
courtesy of Kanazawa-city
Opening speech
The ritual of breaking open sake barrels Kagami biraki is the ritual of breaking open sake barrels. Kagami means ‘mirror’ and biraki means ‘opening’ in Japanese. Historically, the mirror has been a symbol of harmony in Japan. Traditionally, the mirror (Kagami) refers to the lid of the sake barrel. By opening the lid of sake barrels, people pray for well-being and happiness.
courtesy of Kanazawa-city
Make a toast and enjoy Kanazawa meals.
courtesy of Kanazawa-city
courtesy of Kanazawa-city
Sushi is one of the most traditional Japanese dish made by vinegared rice topped with (a slice of) fresh raw fish or other seafood. Oden is also one of the most traditional Japanese dish made by simmering various ingredients.
Ozashiki Taiko The 'Ozashiki' of the teahouse is a place where you can interact with the arts of the geisha, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and forget about time. A staple among the many 'Ozashiki games' is the 'Ozashiki Taiko', where you freely drum to the melody of the shamisen. The charm of this experience is expressed through the performance of the 'Ozashiki Taiko' by Kanazawa geishas. Please enjoy this elegant and luxurious time to your heart's content.
courtesy of Kanazawa-city
Speech from each UG
Introduction of next ICPT 2024


Coffee break On October 31 AM, 2023 (Tue.) - November 2 AM, 2023 (Thu.)

You can enjoy different Japanese sweets (Wagashi) at each coffee break. Also, you can enjoy doughnuts during each coffee breaks.

On October 31 AM, 2023 (Tue.)

On October 31 PM, 2023 (Tue.)

On November 1 AM, 2023 (Wed.)

On November 1 PM, 2023 (Wed.)

On November 2 AM, 2023 (Thu.)

On Each Coffee Break