Invited speakers

Keynote Speech

Hideshi Miyajima, KIOXIA Corporation

Challenges in Scalable Manufacturing Technology for Highly-Stacking 3D Flash Memory

Hideshi Miyajima, the Chief Technology Officer at Kioxia Corporation, has been at the forefront of leading the development of their cutting-edge 3D Flash Memory (BiCS FLASHTM) technology since 2012. He earned his BS/MS degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1987/89, followed by a Ph.D. from Nagoya University in 2019. His journey began at Toshiba Corporation in 1989 as an R&D process engineer. (Toshiba's memory division was spun off as "Kioxia Corporation" in 2017.)
Throughout his career, He has been dedicated to advancing Cu/low-k interconnect technologies for high-speed logic devices. Currently, he continues to demonstrate strong leadership in the development of cutting-edge 3D NAND processes, playing a crucial role in both research and manufacturing efforts.

Yoshihisa Kagawa, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

3D Stacking Process Technologies for Advanced CMOS Image Sensors

Yoshihisa Kagawa is a general manager of Research Division, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.
He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Kyoto University, Japan in 1999 and 2001, respectively.
He joined Sony Corporation in 2004 and has about 20 years’ experience in development of BEOL process integration. He also has 15 years’ experience in development of 3D stacking process, such as Cu-Cu hybrid bonding, TSV and RDL. Especially, he has contributed to launch Sony’s Cu-Cu hybrid bonding process and have announced it at 2016 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).
He has been a committee member of IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC) and IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC).

Isao Nambu, EBARA Corporation

What is CMP!?!?

Isao Nambu ( Executive Officer, Division Executive, Equipment Division ) is in charge of overall semiconductor equipment business at EBARA Corporation. Its products include CMP, Plating and Bevel Polishing systems.
He obtained a BA in Economics at KEIO University in 1997 and joined EBARA Corporation. He spent most of his career in Sales and Marketing of semiconductor equipment systems and contributed to EBARA's growth of CMP business in the industry. Although he has no academic background of semiconductor manufacturing or CMP, his enthusiasm for CMP technologies grew significantly over time, he attended many CMP conferences and made many CMP friends worldwide. His vision is to make CMP the most enabling semiconductor manufacturing system together with the ICPT community.

Invited Speech

Kiho Bae, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd,

Logic device CMP development trend

Ryoichi Tanabe, Micron Memory Japan, K.K

Opportunities and Challenges in DRAM CMP development

Brian Brown, Applied Materials, Inc.,

Industry Inflections Poised to Impact Metal CMP

Gowrisankar Damarla, Texas Instruments Inc.

CMP considerations for Fabs of the future

Katia Devriendt, IMEC vzw

Challenges for CMP in Advanced Scaling

Hitoshi Morinaga, Fujimi Incorporated

History and Innovation of CMP Slurry Development

Special Event Speech

Ippei Kawachi (Japanese swordsmith) and Tatsuya Fujishiro (Japanese sword polisher)

Manufacturing Process and Technical Transmission of Japanese Sword, and Demonstration of Japanese Sword Polishing (The Techniques and Hearts of the Swordsmith & Sword Polisher)

Ippei Kawachi

Mr. Ippei Kawachi was born in Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture, Japan in 1973. He apprenticed to Mr. Yukihira Koza-emon Miyairi in 2000, and approved by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to make swords in 2005. In this year, he first time exhibited at "Japanese Sword Craftsmen’s Exhibition", received both "Effort Award" and "Newcomer's Award". He continuously received ”Award of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Highest Award)" of "9th and 10th Japanese Sword Craftsmen’s Exhibition" held in 2018 and 2019. He established "Kawachi Swordsmith Dojo" at Sakaki Town, Nagano Prefecture in 2021, and he received "a Prize in the Swordsmith Division" of the "Exhibition of Master Swordsmiths and Master Craftsmen". Moreover, he has received many other awards. He is also the executive director of "All Japan Swordsmith Association", and is considered one of the leaders of the swordsmith association in Japan. His interview is available on YouTube.
At ICPT2023, he will be giving a presentation on the manufacturing process and highlights of Japanese swords. This is a great opportunity for you to know about the Japanese sword which is one of the hearts of Japan.

Tatsuya Fujishiro

Mr. Tatsuya Fujishiro was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. He is the fourth generation of the Fujishiro family, a long-established Japanese sword polisher. His grandfather was the late Mr. Matsuo Fujishiro, a living national treasure. He has received many awards, including a special award at the "Japanese Sword Craftsmen’s Exhibition".
At ICPT2023, he will give a introduce on Japanese sword polishing with well-honed demonstrations. This will certainly be an excellent opportunity to see actual Japanese swords and their specific natural polishing stones.